To better serve our clients the Public Trust team has designed and implemented discretionary and non- discretionary investment programs nationwide.  In addition to tailoring our investment strategies to each client’s unique situation, Public Trust recognizes that our clients often times differ in the level of control and involvement that they desire for their investment program.  Therefore we offer a choice of management styles as well as customized solutions.



Public Trust’s investment management philosophy is based on the principle of maintaining the safety of the public funds we managed on behalf of our clients.  Our approach employs a diversified strategy that minimizes market value volatility, prevents exposure to non-compliant securities within the portfolio, and provides complete transparency to the strategy and holdings of the portfolio on a daily basis. 

By adhering to these principles, our goal is to provide superior risk adjusted returns for our clients. While our portfolio managers have discretion over the ultimate investments and strategy employed in the portfolio, Public Trust regularly communicates with our clients regarding the overall strategy and provides transparent state of the art reporting so our clients are constantly aware of the holdings, performance and characteristics of their portfolio.



Public Trust approaches our non-discretionary portfolios with the same primary investment objective of our discretionary portfolios; safety first.  Prior to the implementation of the proposed strategy Public Trust will establish multiple lines of communication and will efficiently identify, recommend, receive pre-approval and  execute transactions to ensure best pricing.  In no circumstance are trades executed without pre-approval for our non-discretionary clients.



A considerable part of our team’s experience managing public funds includes assets that were proceeds from tax exempt bond issues including revenue bonds, certificates of participation, tax anticipation notes, and revenue anticipation notes.  These bond proceeds were issued for a variety of purposes including water/sewer systems, roads, schools, convention centers, government buildings, public/private projects, and toll roads.   

We have a deep understanding of bond documents, the analytics behind the debt structure process, and the coordination of the various roles required to facilitate the bond issuance process.  This knowledge has been key to the successful management of our clients’ bond proceeds programs. 

While we approach the investment of bond proceeds similar to our clients other public funds, we apply a custom investment strategy to each issue based on the unique characteristics of the proceeds.

Tom Tight
Managing Director
Phone: (866) 616-3949